Recreational Magic

by Racket Man

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released March 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Racket Man Cleveland, Ohio

Racket Man is a colorful soft rock boyband from Cleveland, Ohio. They play easy-listening jams smooth enough to unfurrow your brow.

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Track Name: burt stevens
Green waves are losing out on growth pains
Receding into blue veins
They're coursing faster this way

Stare at the better half of my numbered lives
Descending over these mines I left behind

Boys in loathing dull (on haunted walls)
Posing in your arms (salt breaks embalm)
Covered rips a fall (of scattered squall)
Turn on to see one more day I might be gone alone

These days we're living in a thick haze
I'm doubting that we'll see change
It's more than just a mistake
Getting harder to breathe
Track Name: independence
I was waiting for another decision
I want to let you see
When the pages of my book have been torn out
What am I supposed to be?

You really see through my every move
Lost in my only groove
When I see you across the room
I don't know what to do

Now I'm drifting through the hundreds of faces
Caught in an endless sea
And I'm looking to myself for an answer
What am I supposed to be?
Track Name: scaredformore
Only scared in my head lately
Came here to feel different than that
Thinking out loud there may be
Things I don't want to hold back

That was just her luck and I was never nothing
Always tied in something, I'm just like that

I don't know how I never realized what it means to get around
And who do you blame for everything that you want?
I don't know when, I guess it never happened so I'll see you again

(Something that will stick with you for the rest of your life)

My fantasy’s a memory
I'm only lucky in my dreams
These feelings I hoped I was above
I never wanted time in love

Only scared of myself, baby
Came here to feel different than that
Wishing a lot on, lately
Things that I want to take back

That time we tried to go all the way
Is this the man that I’m supposed to portray?
I'm losing confidence in myself
Twenty-four and scared for more
Track Name: d.e.r.p.
I feel like a cliché
Together, as I run away
They all have gotten close to you
This town keeps wearing through

These tears I cry
Been running dry
Follow my heart
So easy at the start

Visions of my past mistakes
Wash over needles in the hay
I sweat it out as someone new
Convinced I’ve gotten through
Track Name: a bit more obscure
Bleached out my head, tried it again
What was I looking for?
Lonely again, time is my friend
Blue boy is all I know

Colors will run, body stays numb
Who am I searching for?
Shine from the top, a teenage stop
It gets me through the door

Cussed out my mom, she was so mad
Thought we’d be better now
Was it something I said? The words left for dead?
A colorful ending bow

Chemical drop mixed in a cup
You think you understand
Watering hole, gather around
Stick to the fucking plan

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