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released April 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Racket Man Cleveland, Ohio

Racket Man is a colorful soft rock boyband from Cleveland, Ohio. They play easy-listening jams smooth enough to unfurrow your brow.

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Track Name: Bad Simulator
Following the dream of his debut
In a world where fate is absolute

He had a vision
Making a living
Hot in the spotlight
Maybe he sees it
Him in the future
Hot-ass LeBaron

He’s a bad simulator (simulator)
He’s a bad simulator (masturbator)
He’s a bad simulator (operator)
He’s a bad simulator (DVDs)

He’s lost in the dream
He’s lost in the dream
He’s a bad simulator
He’s lost in the dream

Grab a bag, hit the 101
Crawling down Sunset Boulevard

Running the red light
Knowing he’s at it
All this pollution
Lost in this culture
Stuck in the habit
Where are these angels?

He’s a bad simulator (simulator)
He’s a bad simulator (masturbator)
He’s a bad simulator (smooth operator)
He’s a bad simulator (gold DVDs)
Track Name: Outta Town
Somersaulting through the ocean
I’ve lost track of where I’m going
All this guessing takes its toll
While you wait to lose control

In time may I find
How I swayed from that faded line

All these days wondering why
Till I find the edge of the sky
All these ways I put myself down
What you need is out of town

And I’ve run around again
Trying to relieve my head
Of this derealization
You said this was vacation
Track Name: Imposter
Realistic simulation
Another lie for the time
While you worry through the framed glass on your payphone
It’s a life that passed you by

As you see your precious life unravel
Try not to act surprised
When you feel the pressure of tomorrow
Push down with every lie

The faces you look up to
Aren’t all that they seem
With a purpose, they persuade you to join them
You nod and agree

I’ll never call you back
You try again
They never call you back
Don’t try again
You never had a chance
Let’s not pretend
You never had a chance
Let’s not pretend
They never call you back
Track Name: Illegal Characters
You will never know how it feels
Mid-November I got the feels

Between six and eight
Illegal characters
When things won’t equate

In the mirror I’ve got no fear

They all just fade away

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